fundraising for St Marys


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After talking with my client, I came up with an idea to try to fundraise for the church. . The church is desperate for renovation and is not getting any financial support for the authorities. After browsing through St Mary’s magazines from the past, I found a story that I thought could be sold on Amazon, this would help the church to attain funds. I was also interested in the story because it was written in 1500’s and by an unknown author. What I found really interesting about this story, was how a Catholic priest betrayed a Christian Priest, through this deception the priest was order to burn by the stake. His wife and eldest son went to Queen Mary to pardon her husband.

After reading this story I found that in the 1500’s there was a bishop called Bonner  who is also in the story, and the Queen Mary sentenced men to death by the stake. I looked further and found that this story could have been a true account. The reason I thought this was because the detail of how the author ( whoever he was) had such information and the fact that whoever wrote this did not want to be known. Queen Mary was also identified how she looked towards the end. The author also names a place in London which was called Smithfield, a well-known place for people to die by the stake.

I spoke to my client regards to the story and he thought it was a good idea.

I  thought about a book cover, I designed the cover, with two images.

Mary I queen

I added Queen Mary on the cover surrounded by fire. In the story, the final decision is down to Mary. Does she over throw the final rule? or does she sentence the priest to death? while I edited the story, I actually could vision this story as a film. I feel this could help St Mary’s  if this is done properly and properly promoted. The story is definitely interesting and certainly could be a true account of the 1500’s

In the story, I have added just a few images, that I had taken and one originally from St Mary’s past.


The book is already to be published, However,I have to contact the client and ask if he would like to add anything such as an acknowledgment

At the end of the printed version I will put all rights reserved to St Mary’s Church, Lowgate, Hul


















St Mary’s Logo


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To finish the magazine, I finished with the same as the previous issues, with St Mary’s Logo and contact details.

pic18 issue3

My client project has now finished. I have created three magazines in total.

I have enjoyed creating them and working the people involved. I hope  the rev Paul Burkitt and the Hull Homeless Outreach receive the help and support they desperately need to help the most vulnerable in the community that I normally see walking around the town as they have nowhere to go. To feed them and stop them from rummaging in the bins looking for food, and to help them with their health issues and more so to help them with their mental issues, by listening, talking and understanding.



Digital Art of St Mary’s


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I created this page, using my own image of St Mary’s and some images I had found on the internet through the Creative Commons License.

I manipulated all three images to create digital art that shows St Mary’s had been giving since it received its license in 1333. I enjoyed creating this image.

pic17 issue3

These are the original images


I played around with the background adding the green to give it a sense of healing. st Mary's image


I also added people and clouds and the text.I enjoyed creating this image and I do like digital art. it certainly shows my skills have improved since I first started the Hull School of Art and Design and I was struggling how to even attempt the software. Now I am getting more confident as each day passes.


End the abuse of the homeless.


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The content was a first person view written by James Bowie, Director of the Hull Homeless Outreach team in Hull and based at St Mary’s Church. The image was to promote a protest they did on Saturday, April 02. The Protest started at St Mary’s Church. The charity is calling to stop the abuse by the authorities against the homeless.  I included the first person view so people have an understanding of what is happening to the most vulnerable people who attend the soup kitchens at the church.

pic15 issue3

pic16 issue3

I finished the article with a few images of the volunteers and the Hull Homeless Outreach Logo. I did this in case people wanted to get in touch with the charity and donate clothing or food for the homeless and attend the protest.

The Tomb of the late Rev Scott


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I found an article in St Mary’s past about the first tomb of the Late Rev John Scott, the image is the actual  tomb that lives in the church of St Mary’s. I had taken this with my mobile phone.  The article regards to the very first tomb and the layout of the church, I thought it was a great piece of history. The article gives an insight to how the people of Hull respected the Rev John Scott and was very proud of him that a memorial belong in his church which him and his family so proudly built.

pic14 issue3

The idea was to show the past and the present.

Pew Removal Plan


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For this page,  the reverend wanted the community to see the plan of the pew removal. I decided to do this as a double spread. This is due to happen in the Autumn. pic 13 issue3

With the removal of these pews, the church will have more room for festivals, concerts, exhibitions and theatre.

What’s happening at St Mary’s


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For this I wanted to do something different, the page gives information and on the opposite page, I used some of the images I had been given from the church and Jerome Whittingham gave me permission to use the image of the Archbishop of York Dr. John Sentamu.

I placed in images on a block of the blue background, I added pics of the church pew ends as they have some history behind them and an image of the reverend, the choir, and friends.

pic 12 issue 3

However, I am sure that I like the layout, I think the colour work with the images but I’m not sure about the boxes of colour.

The Sowers


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Marcel Craven sent me the content to “The Sowers” as well as the images. Marcel is the artist in residence based at St Mary’s Church. there was a large amount of text and the images. I did not want all the articles in the same format, so I changed the layout a little. I place three images at the top of the page and then the title in a block colour.

I thought this went well with all the colours through the magazine.

pic10 issue 3

pic 11 issue 3

The reverend said in the brief that he wants St Mary’s to be known for art and Marcel’s  work really includes his insight to the art that he produces. I was happy with the layout. and with the three columns, it looks better. However, I’m not a designer, but, I think it looks OK.

Restoration News


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For this article, I used an image I had taken and used as a default image that I used in the previous issues.

This page gives information about  what is happening with the restoration of the church and what they really need at this phase.

Restoration News issue 3

In the previous Issues I used colour on this page, however, as I was designing this page, I had a few problems with the software so in the end I left the circles out.


Our Festivals


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Rev Paul wanted to add the festivals of the church. And because the magazine was targeted to be on the website for April 01, I searched the internet under the Creative Commons License for a jester. One of the  festivals was about laughter and one finding themselves a victim of people’s jokes.  The image I chose shows the jesters being amused. I thought, at first, this was a little creepy, but then when you think of how people can be cruel and  amused at someone else’s expense, I think it works well.

pic6 issue 3

I added a block of colour that matched the colour of the St Mary’s Past. I highlighted the festivals in bold and in between each festival there is a prayer, for this I chose to write them in italics, again to make the prayers more personal to the reader.The last festival, speaks about Jesus coming back down to earth again so to end the article I found an image of a resurrection of the Holy Spirit.

pic7 issue 3